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Gold/Gold Plus Class

Gold/Gold Plus Class

Gold Level Class is an eight week course of further exercises at Gold Level with the aim that your dog will be able to:

  • Walk to your heel off the lead including turns and sits with minimum commands.
  • To go down instantly on your command.
  • Stay in one place in a down position out of sight until you return for a short period of time.
  • To be able to retrieve a dumbbell.

(Please note that training exercises that are conducted off lead at home should always be done in a secure area. It is also never advisable to allow even a well trained dog to be off lead on the road side.)

Once all levels have been successfully completed, dogs and owners will have had a good foundation to obedience training. This could possibly lead on to further more advanced training in the future at either club or competition level.

Gold Plus

Gold Plus Class is for owners and their dogs that like to enjoy more advanced obedience training. This is a really fun class that teaches owners the basics of distance control, scent cloth retrieving, dumbell retrieving and advanced off lead heelwork with down , sit, stand stays and left about turns. These classes are available on a drop in basis and cost £4.00 each class.

Dogs need to have reached our Gold Level or the equivalent in another club before joining this class.