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About us

About us

Gower Dog Training Classes was established by Ted Grostate in September 2010 and has been helping puppies, dogs and their owners for over 11 years.

Ted was also the founder member and Head Trainer at Pennard Dog Training Club  for over 24 years although his involvement ended in October 2018. During his time at Pennard Dog Training Club also took classes from Puppy class to Advanced Levels. Gower Dog Training Classes has developed an excellent reputation and gained in popularity throughout the years.

Gower Dog Training Classes offers classes at Bronze, Silver and Gold/Gold Plus Levels for basic to advanced obedience that are held at Pennard Parish Hall. Ted instructs all classes from beginner to advanced levels. His aim is to give owners and their dogs the opportunity to achieve a good foundation to either progress to more advanced obedience work or just to achieve a well trained, obedient dog capable of having fun with at home.

Ted believes dog training should be enjoyable for both dogs and their owners and is based on the play and reward method. His goal is to develop confident dog handlers and happy well-behaved puppies and dogs.

Ted has had over forty years experience working with dogs in both obedience and in the show ring. His own dogs have included German Shepherd dogs, Newfoundland Dogs, a Tibetan Terrier, a Shih Tzu and his most recent addition a working Bearded Collie, most of which have either been shown at Crufts or worked in obedience competition at different levels.